The passage of time punctuates domestic activities in this installation designed for the exhibition Home Improvement.

The house, located at the junction between suburban sub-division homes and the Latino neighbourhood, is the frame to interrogate desire, domesticities, and accessibilities.

‘Malibu’ garden lights are installed in the front lawn of the house, and ultraviolet window film is applied onto the windows of the living room, dining room and bedroom. A computer and timer control the ‘Malibu’ lights, turning it on at dusk, off at dawn. Blinking while it’s on, the lights transmit the phrase “Can I enter your dream?” in Morse Code. As the movement of sunlight penetrates the windows with cut-out texts, shadows of poems enter and crawl on its interior walls and floors.

material: windowpanes, ultraviolet window film, text, sunbeam, shadow, and Malibu garden lights.



Lost in translations


site-specific installation, dimensions variable

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