Christmas Special utilizes US dollar bills to infiltrate the system of exchange. The project is a rendering of the commodification of desires, and the act of giving/receiving. It activates the sense of touch to slow down a frenzied market, connecting the personal to the socio-economic arena.

24 invited participants were asked to lend twelve US $1 bills for the project. An English or Braille question is pin-pierce in each bill. Each participant is responsible for spending a dollar a day, between Dec. 12 - 24, and collecting receipts or artifacts as a trace of their transactions. All participants receive a Christmas Special Souvenir Edition $1 Bill at the end of the project.

material:  288 US one-dollar bills pin-pierced with English and Braille text, collected receipts and artifacts, light box and wood.

Christmas Special, Edition 1997


Nation-wide distribution project involving 24 participants, Dec.12  - Dec. 24.

mixed media, dimensions variable

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